Friday, 21 July 2017

The Witches Hovel

Here is the latest terrain piece for the Apocalypse Miniatures Kickstarter - Olde World Into The Wild. The Witches Hovel or Cottage. The master was sculpted by me as a super stretch goal, but as the Kickstarter has gone so well Ryan has agreed to include it as an 'Add On'. Here you see it beside the Two Storey House to show just how big this beauty is.

For more information please use this link.

The model is unique in this range as it has a fully modelled interior and a lift off thatched roof.

Act now as there is less than a week to go on this Kickstarter and I know that once the initial pledges have been made, Ryan is looking to remove the discounted price option.

I hope you like it.


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Oldhammer Kickstarter into its last week

Image borrowed from the Kickstarter page

Ryan at Apocalypse Games has updated both the AP and Kickstarter pages to show even more of the painted resin models that make up this Kickstarter. For more information follow the AP link above or go to this link.

Most of the buildings and terrain have been mastered by me and cast in resin by Rob at Hysterical Games.

Hurry, only 7 days to go.


Saturday, 15 July 2017

An Industrial Narrow Gauge Adventure - test #1

This is an image of a short piece of modified narrow gauge track that I have modelled to test the idea that I can make the Peco 'crazy track' look more realistic and in scale if modelling narrow gauge in 1/35th scale rather than the 1/43rd for which it is designed for.

I started with a scrap piece of wood, actually a piece of a used pallet. The ends were cut and sanded square.

I had this spare piece of Peco 'crazy track' (designed to be used as narrow gauge track when running HO-OO motors with modified O gauge engines and figures), left over from an earlier project. The gauge or distance between the track is 16.5mm (HO-OO).

I removed some sleepers and re-spaced them. This was not a detailed test, the spacing was done my 'eye' at about 16mm centres.

I have in the past used thin cork sheet to build up the track and banking. I didn't have any cork, but did find this piece of balsa wood which I cut and sanded to shape.

The balsa wood and track was glued in place with a hybrid superglue and small nails were used to secure it while the glue set.  The ends of the sleepers were cut square as my plan was to extend them using pieces of spare sleepers.

In this image you can see the extended sleepers. I used superglue and accelerator as Peco plastic is notoriously difficult to glue. The joins were hidden by applying Green Stuff to the edges.

I have used DAS White (applied over uPVA glue) to build up the banks either side of the track.

The groundwork was applied over dilute uPVA glue and then using a small dropper and some Wet Water (water with a small drop of washing-up liquid), I soaked the whole area to make sure that the small stones and sand were held in place.

Painting was done with standard acrylics and some washes. I wanted a well worn look so there was lots of green applied to the sleepers.

I will be using diesel engines on my planned layout and so I added a very dark black/brown to the centre of the track to show lots of oil and diesel deposits. I have also painted the track with various rust colours and cleaned the top of the track with some fine emery paper to get that well used look.

Finally, I added some small static grass tufts and some ground foam to show weeds and growth coming up between the sleepers. I gloss painted the oil and diesel spills to make them stand out against the matt base colours.

This is only a short test piece. The wooden base is just 180mm long by 70mm wide and the track is only 150mm long, but it did allow me to test the theory that I could use the modified Peco crazy track to model 1/35th scale (or larger) if I wanted.

I am still to decide if I will use 1/35th scale figures and scale or a larger 1/27.7 scale to model this project - stay tuned for more updates.

If you 'click' on the images, you can super-size them.


Thursday, 13 July 2017

Rebuilding a resin cottage for 28mm gaming - W, S & S issue 91

The latest issue of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy, issue 91 features a two page article written by me, showing how I converted a simple resin ornament into a piece of wargame terrain.

The original model (below) was found in a local charity store and picked up for just £3.50. I remodelled the base and added extra detail before re-painting it.

The finished model is painted in a similar colour scheme with the base decorated with static grass and ground foam. Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy is available from Karwansaray Publishing.


Monday, 10 July 2017

Chateau Impney Hill Climb 2017 - part four

Part Four, and a real mismatch of styles and vintages, starting with a restored MkI Landrover, then a colourful Vauxhall, a beautifully restored Austin pickup and then a rare Hill Imp (actually a Commer Imp) through to a cheeky A Team replica. Enjoy.

This monster was a Chevy engined Ferrari!

Finally an Enigma - no really it is called an Enigma - a marque that that I was not familiar with.


Chateau Impney Hill Climb 2017 - part three

More cars, this time Post War cars that were either competing in the hill climb, being displayed or just parked in the car park. The first is a limited edition Alvis in champagne which I though was just beautiful.


Sunday, 9 July 2017

Chateau Impney Hill Climb 2017 - part two

More images - this time the trikes.....

This last one was a 'wrap' with the artwork painted using remote control cars! See this link for more information.